Re: Beet Pulp

David Bennett (
Sat, 1 Nov 1997 09:30:30 EST

Susan - I wonder if the dry beet pulp that you mentioned as used in the
studies was shredded. What many of us get here in the Southeast are
pellets that expand considerably when soaked. A large coffee can full
makes about 5 gallons when soaked. It would seem that this would be more
a problem than the dry shredded beet pulp.

Dave Bennett
Chickamauga, Georgia

On Fri, 31 Oct 1997 12:11:53 -0800 Susan Evans Garlinghouse
<> writes:
>> My husband left a 4o# bag of dry beet pulp in the back of the truck
>> night by accident Two of my horses
>> got into it and munched abway........each got between 5-10lbs of DRY
>> pulp......
>> Anyone know anything I should know or concerns I should have
>> thay don't eventually compact colic from that???
>Hi Rae,
>I'm not a DVM, but there actually are quite a few people who feed beet
>pulp dry and never have a problem. Alot of the research concerning
>pulp for horses also fed it dry for convenience sake and also never
>a problem, so I would think you're probably okay. I usually suggest
>soaking to people because there ARE cases of it causing esophageal
>blockage, etc, and I tend to go with safer than sorry. Besides, I
>personally think one of soaked beet pulp's attractions is that my
>can munch at a big bucket of it all day long and get down more
>than with hay without the disadvantages of grain---though of course, I
>provide hay for roughage, as well.
>Anyway, I wouldn't worry about it.