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RE: the great saddle debate

Beaux (beaux@concentric.net)
Tue, 29 Apr 1997 23:04:34 -0500


>Come on...for those of us contemplating a new saddle right now (like
>me), those of you riding a saddle that isn't a regular western or
>english saddle should fess up and tell us what you like and dislike.

I started out riding on a western saddle (sorta required here in Texas),
saw an Aussie in a catalog and then ordered a cheap one (made in India)
that I still have. My wife corrupted me into riding her hand-me-down
english saddle and then got me onto a dressage saddle.

What I'm riding now is a bareback pad that has been modified with english
stirrups and D-rings for a breast collar. I do use another small shaped
pad under it. I can get away with this because my guy is a Tennessee
Walking Horse. He also has almost no withers and has a nice rounded back
with no portruding backbone. A real Lazyboy on legs.

I would be riding with the Aussie but it doesn't fit him at all. I really
miss all those D-rings ... From what I've read about Aussies they are
designed for being in the saddle all day, and I found the narrow twist much
more comfortable than the western saddle. They're lighter than the saddle
you're using, but heavier than most of the other choices. Exception: the
Wintec synthetic Aussie. Very light. The covering fabric feels like
suede. Very nice. Around $600 - $700.

>I for one would welcome more comments on a lighter weight saddle (I'm
>using a 45 pound roping saddle for Pete's sake)

Have you considered taking a chainsaw to it? Or just getting a lighter
weight western saddle? If you are a heavyweight, western saddles
distribute weight over a larger area than any other type.

And always, git the one that fits the hoss.


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