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Re: starting the older horse

Becky Hackworth (bechack@flash.net)
Tue, 29 Apr 1997 13:07:52 -0700

outwestposse wrote:
> Hi,
> I was wondering if anyone had any input on starting a 12 year old (Arab) in
> endurance. He has had minimal riding most of his life, but is very sound and
> correct and has a very good head.
> I will probably never want to do a 100 miler...but do you think w/ the proper
> LSD riding I could do some 50's?
> I am aware of how to condition him as if he were a starting 5 year old..I'm
> just curious about input on him being able to do 50's. I know most books and
> info. seem to say not to purchase an older horse for endurance, unless he has
> been a seasoned endurance horse; conditioned to do so. But, again...wouldn't
> it be OK to do LSD rides and some 50's as long as I train properly ?
> Thanks,
> Kathleen
Hi there. I feel I am one of the resident experts on starting the older
horse. My mare was 14 when we began our endurance(ride the horse you've
got, no money to buy another...something like that) career. We have
enjoyed over 500 miles together, and just this last March we did our 1st
50 in 9 hours. Not very impressive to some, but I am ecstatic about
it. My 10 year old also joined me on her 6 year old mare for their 1st
(of many we hope) 50 as well.

Start just as you would a green 4 year old. Go slow, go slow, go slow.
You can still blow their legs. Somewhat more difficult to do with the
older horse, but still possible.

Our 1st 30 we did in 6 hours. The last 30 we did in 3+. I would say a
vast improvement!

I have been very impressed with my old lady, and she is now 17!!!

She just gets stronger and stronger. Her recoveries are better than
when she was 14 and just starting. DO NOT COMPARE YOUR HORSES
RECOVERIES WITH SOMEONE ELSES' 6 YEAR OLD! Try comparing yourself with
a 17 year old highschool athlete. Apples and Oranges!

Good luck. Just keep your goals realistic and you will do just fine.

(ps Gina also has a 100% completion rate!! How is that for an old


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