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Re: is this forging?

Tue, 29 Apr 1997 09:21:51 -0400 (EDT)

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<< Ok Teddy, here's another shoeing problem that for some reason I can't
figure out nor can my farrier. This is not a forging problem, but an
interference problem.. The horse travels at a trot and whacks the He..
out of his inner ankles. He does not do this at the walk as he didn't do
it two weeks ago at the slower level of Natrc (CP), but when I took him
back to Open he started hitting him self again. I have heard that this
could be corrected by dropping the inside wall a little bit causing them
to land wider and (I guess) move in a different direction so the hoof
does not swing up and strike the ankle with the shoe. What do you think
of this Cure? Do you have any suggestions? Anyone else with any ideas?
Selling the horse is always first on my list, but I have a long story on
why I can't do that, any way, I've worked so hard on training and
conditioning that we've Bonded I guess. Plus I'm one of those folks that
ride the ones they have instead of looking for the Perfect Horse.

Lucie Hess
Columbia, Missouri
Chief Black Arrow -retired Appy
Moonhill Dandi -current mount- 7/8 Arab

Boy Lucy, I am NO farrier!!!! Are you referring to front or rear ankles? If
the rear, I suggest you look upwards. If this horse did not do it before and
is now, perhaps he is hurting somewhere. A massage therapist may find muscle
soreness...this can also come from a back problem....

Again, if the horse did not do it before....don't try changing feet unless
you feel your farrier changed something from the past.

I know what you mean, my first impulse is SELL HIM and find the perfect
horse, but, I, too, fall in love with these critters. Besides, none is
perfect and you will always be solving problems.

I have a horse that was dead lame for 6 weeks...NO EXPLANATION...Right front.
Young horse, not fit, hardly worked hard at all in his life. No reason for
it. Thought abcess...soaked for two ekks..NOTHING. After 6 weks, took him
to vet who said he had a sore heel..YEAH RIGHT...6 WEEKS???. I am NOT fond of
veterinary diagnosis on lamness. He did not x-ray or black horse...just send
us to a farrier who put "4-point" shoes on his front...a rocker toe type of
shoe. 4 days later the horse is SOUND!!! Could have blown me away!!!
Thought I had a fractured coffin bone or worse. How simple can we get?

My point is that a good farrier who works with a good vet can solve a
multitude of problems. I am also a firm believer in massage therapists. A
good experienced one can work miracles. The problem with all of the above is
finding good ones.

Keep me posted...


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