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Jog-A-Long Marathon, Australia

Mon, 28 Apr 1997 21:00:26 +1000

The 250 km Jog-A-Long Memorial Marathon 29-31 March 1997

The Jog-A-Long Marathon is named in honour of the horse who, in the 1970s,
was the first to complete 160 km in under 10 hours.
Fine weather greeted all who attended the Jog-A-Long Marathon this year.
The unseasonably dry spell extended right through Easter, when for the last
two years it had rained.
On Saturday morning at 6 o’clock, thirty competitors lined up for the start
of the 250 km, three day event. It was pleasing to see several riders from
S.A. and one from N.S.W. supporting our Marathon.
The course for Day One took riders out over what was to become a familiar 7
km stretch of flat dirt road to the start of the Mt Cole forest. The first
leg of 47 km had a few good climbs up over Ben Nevis, a steep descent into
the valley and another good climb, before heading down and along the 7 km
back to camp.
The second leg of 37 km was also quite testing, with significant elevation
changes, but had the respite of the 7 km stretch in and out of camp. 27
horses remained in the competition at the end of Day One, 3 being vetted
out on lameness.
Day Two consisted of the Day 1 tracks ridden in the opposite direction.
There were 26 horses that started out Sunday morning, one horse being
withdrawn by her rider. The difficult course was taking its toll as 5 more
horses were removed from the event, 4 out lame, 1 on heart rate.
Day Three consisted of a slightly easier track of 82 km, but with one very
big hill to climb on each leg. Two more horses failed the vet check on
lameness, leaving 19 who successfully completed the 250 km course.
Steve Masters and Salah El Shahwah were there for their third attempt at
the Marathon. Two years ago Steve’s horse was vetted out at the final
check. Last year they didn’t make it half-way! Fortune smiled upon them
this time and this year they set the fastest time.
Frank Muddyman had not been back on a horse for long after suffering broken
ribs a few months before this event. He and his horse Brandy finished the
event in fine form.
Two riders completed their third Jog-A-Long. Michael Drinkwater and Julie
Green. Several riders completed their second Jog-A-Long. These riders and
those completing their first marathon certainly have developed a taste for
the longer rides.
On the first and third days of the marathon, rides of 84 km and 82 km were
also conducted, over the same course as the marathon riders. These rides
were ridden at a relaxed pace as riders were riding for completion only.
Thirty riders entered in the 84 km ride on Saturday, 24 completed
successfully. On Monday 23 horses were entered for the 82 km ride. Most
completed successfully.
On Sunday, a 40 km training ride was conducted. There were 10 starters and
8 completed successfully.
Overall, it was a very successful and well attended event, and its future
is assured with the great support of the competitors. Congratulations to
Louise Lewis and the great team who contributed to the successful running
of the third Jog-A-Long Marathon.

Results of the Jog-A-Long Marathon, 250 km

Frank Muddyman Brandy 23:56
James Thiveos Thivo Park Sir Elkon 25:02
Roy Noble Booralie El-Zalazar 25:15
Paula Van Eck Narrawa Gaisah 26:15

Steve Masters Salah El Shahwan 22:14
Mike Drinkwater Warrawee Khia 22:31
Julie Green Cudglebar Mujeor 22:38
Jill Ross Murphy 23:51
Jo-Anne Francis Hazahr 24:39
Julie Woods Trapper 25:36
Jodi Scholz Karumba Quixote 26:43
Daniele O’Loughlin Brodwyn Ferryman 27:11
Fran Fallas Carrawill 27:13

Kerry Jamieson Weerina Silver Countess 24:16
Janet Hunter Windsong Nazar 24:46
Joyce Pilkington Karumba Cassidy 24:49

Emily Rogers Durango Zenoa 23:13
Lara Peuker Varian 24:46
Morgan Schloss Mirakh Kibar 26:18


Luke Steele at Riddells Creek, Victoria, Australia

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