ridecamp@endurance.net: Number of feeding a day, was Myths.

Number of feeding a day, was Myths.

Niccolai Murphy (hlurphy@socal.wanet.com)
Sat, 26 Apr 1997 19:32:08 -0700

Kim wrote:
> 2. Grain before hay???: Personal experience with this one, but hay will
> always be fed before grain with my critters. When the horses are on
> schedules which require 2X or 3X a day feedings for hay, the grain gets
> fed about midway or last.

A question to you and others, I'm genuinely curious and am not in any
way out to insult anyone please don't take this the wrong way!!! Why
feed two or three times a day? Why not just shove a load of hay there
and make sure it never all gets eaten? That way they just snack a little
all day and don't eat any more than using the several feedings a day
method. There is no meal time as such here, but they still look forward
to their supplement time. This way I can grab a horse anytime of the day
without worrying about feeding time being missed and go riding. Or am I


Open the bay door please, Hal.

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