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Natrc ride Description (fwd)

Lucie A. Hess (lhess01@mail.coin.missouri.edu)
Fri, 25 Apr 1997 07:54:54 -0500 (CDT)

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Lucie Hess
Columbia, Missouri
Chief Black Arrow -retired Appy
Moonhill Dandi -current mount- 7/8 Arab

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This is from the First Natrc ride of the season here in Region 6. This
was the Big Hill Lake Ride held April 11&12 near Cherryvale, Kansas.
About an hour or so West and North of Joplin, Mo.
The Judges were Stephanie Ostrowski DVM and Joann Christianson
Horsemanship. I was riding CP so I only have the Novice/CP obstacles.
I'll just run through my scorecards from start to finish.
Check-in The usual Pattern trot in hand out two circles each way
and trot back I lunge my circles and I call the horse in before I turn
him around to do the opposite circle. Vet-Excellent + Horsemanship-
Good Grooming, Learn to turn horse at end of lunge line for a smoother
presentation. Otherwise good.
Sat am Logs (WE had to cross three small logs that were in the
trail close to each other at the bottom of a small hill--right out of camp.)
Vet-Good on logs head tossing -1/2, resistant to the bit -1/2 Dandi
wanted to catch up to his trailer buddy who accidentally went RIGHT OUT
IN FRONT OF ME!! HMShip Looking down at logs - Just a minus no points off
Downhill (We were coming down a fairly steep hill with a small
stram at the bottom where others were watering and sitting around
talking while the horses watered.) Vet- good at Stream good crossing,
head up, resisting the bit -1/2 HMShip Downhill- Good Position and
Uphill This was a steep up hill where you could take one of two
trails, one of them had a rock ledge that the horse had to step up on
during the climb, (Dandi was in a huge hurry and did not rate well on the
climb and I had trouble with the different saddle getting out of the
saddle so I had little control to stop him from rushing up the hill.
There were other horses up on top of the hill don'cha know!?) Vet-
rushing -1 Hmship good position and contrlo Execellent choice of trail +
Dismount and Hoof Cleaning. we were coming down a hill not too
steap and the Vet Judge is there she says..."OH no! I think your horse
has a rock in his foot , yopu need to clean out his right front foot.
<Stephanie.. You could win an Acadamy award if you continue with those
lessons!> So on the hillside we had to get off and clean out the hoof,
So I showed off..I turned the horse so he was across the trail, got off
on the off(uphill side) and then took out my hoofpick and cleaned out the
horses foot. See I was already off on the same side so it was easy to
drop the rains over his head and clean out the foot without moving him.
We then had to lead down the hill into the P&R they were looking to see
if the horse lead you down the hill annd how well the horse listebn to
you as you had to pick your way over some rough spots. Vet excellent+
on the dismount and hoof picking, good on the leading HMShip Good
dismount, Good hoof clean good lead
Sat nite trailer check vet- horse was sound slight sensative
over his left loin -1, girth sensative both sides -2 HMShip Hay and
water available, tie OK Good grooming.

I'll stop here and finish the rest of the ride-- Sunday, later.. This post
is getting long!
More to come

Lucie Hess
Columbia, Missouri
Chief Black Arrow -retired Appy
Moonhill Dandi -current mount- 7/8 Arab

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