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re: Hauling In a two horse

Lance Rosedale (rosdahl@sonic.net)
Thu, 24 Apr 1997 18:32:29 -0500

I, too, am interested in responses to the question of divider in or out
in a slant-load trailer. I have a two horse slant stock trailer, and
for two years I've taken my one mare with the divider in. This is
because she was originally a difficult loader, and just to get her
trained safely we had to lock her in. She was never a difficult rider,
though, never kicked or scrambled; just getting her in was the problem.
Eventually she got used to it and now she jumps in and rides really
well, but I've always kept the divider in because she's used to it that
way. Meanwhile, I've had to get the trailer modifified with pads along
the walls where she was rubbing herself when she leaned--especially at
the end of summer when she lost her summer coat she could get bald in

Of course I thought maybe it was time to remove the divider, that maybe
she wouldn't lean if she was forced to balance on four feet without the
divider. I've tried it once so far with my husband driving behind, and
he said she stood in exactly the same place but looked very upset, so I
put it back in. I worry about her on long drives, though, that she
might be happier with more room. So far my philosophy has been, if it's
don't broke don't fix it.

So I'm curious about what others have found. I too (like Kim) drive on
curvy, hilly roads. Maybe she's better off with the divider?

Probably it's the same old answer: every horse is different. .


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