ridecamp@endurance.net: RE: neoprene girths

RE: neoprene girths

Truman Prevatt (truman.prevatt@netsrq.com)
Thu, 24 Apr 1997 12:52:17 -0400

I bought one from Teddy. She makes them with the "fabric" side out instead
of the slick side out. Maybe Teddy will tell us why. It is a dressage
style girth and I have elastic on all four buckles, so you can ride with it
snug but not tight. I am notorious for riding with the girth so loose that
the HRM doesn't work, so the elastic allows me to sung it up a little and
not worry.

This girth has worked very well and I have had no problems what so ever.


Truman Prevatt
Mystic "The Horse form Hell" Storm
Danson "Deamon in Training" Flame
Sarasota, FL

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