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Feet falling asleep and arch supports

Cheryl Newbanks (horsetrails@inficad.com)
Thu, 24 Apr 1997 02:30:19 -0700 (MST)

Hi Group,

Thanks for the great response on sleeping feet. Sandy has given me
permission to forward these informative posts she sent me. It may be the
answer for those of us with flat or almost flat feet that fall asleep when
we ride. Thanks Sandy!

>Date: Sun, 20 Apr 1997 23:02:49 -0600
>From: Sandy Skinner <sandys@zianet.com>
>Reply-To: sandys@zianet.com
>To: horsetrails@inficad.com
>Subject: feet falling asleep!
>Hi, Cheryl:
> I just wanted to tell you what I did for this problem. Maybe it will
>help you. First off I have sort of flat feet which made my foot rotate
>to the outside after riding for a long time. Which then made my feet
>fall asleep?
> I decide I would use the same thinking that we use with the horses.
>Balance the foot and maybe that will get rid of the problem. I bought
>some arch supports and put them in my boots and they work great. I had
>tried all the different boots first and have now found that with the
>arch supports I can go back to riding in my riding sneakers with no
>problems at all. So I don't have to spend a fortune on expensive riding
>boots any longer. The cheaper boots work just as well. The only
>problem that I had is that you have to buy a bigger size boot to
>accommodate the support (I got the 3/4 size so it allows for room in the
> At first I tried the cheaper support that you can buy in the stores and
>they work fine but since I ride so much I went ahead and had some custom
>supports made and they work great. Now all my boots feel good.
> I hope this helps you. It sure helped me a lot and I do 5 day rides
>and everything without having my feet fall asleep and before the
>supports I could only stay in the saddle for under an hour without
>getting off and getting the feet working again. Good Luck. Sandy

>Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 21:19:14 -0600
>From: Sandy Skinner <sandys@zianet.com>
>Reply-To: sandys@zianet.com
>To: Cheryl Newbanks <horsetrails@inficad.com>
>Subject: Arch Supports
>References: <>
> I was in Las Vegas at an indoor Swap meet and they had a company there
>that did them. They weren't really custom. They just had a lot of
>different sized molds and found the one that fit me best, then custom
>shaped them.
> But I am think that you could probably get something from a podiatrist
>that would be about the same money. They weren't cheap. Around $200.00
>but they work really well and they really helped me. I would check into
>a specialist and see what they cost for them. I think the 3/4 size are
>the best and they feel real good. You don't even know they are in your
>boot but they sure do the trick for me. Our feet sound like the same
>type of feet. Mine aren't quite flat either. If you stand on a flat
>surface bare foot you can see what your feet naturally want to do. The
>ankle collapse in and the feet start going out to the side and I think
>this is why our toes and feet go to sleep, to much pressure on the
>outside of the foot. So what the arch supports do is correct this
>problem. The ones I have cover 3/4 of the foot. They stop right behind
>the ball of your foot.
> If you don't have any luck finding anything that looks good let me
>know. This company that I got mine from has places all around. So
>maybe you can get them trough the mail or something like that. I don't
>really know if they can because they took an impression of my foot when
>I was there to see exactly how I stood and what I need. But like I said
>before I think a podiatrist could maybe do the same thing.
> If you do get them make sure you take them with you to get new boots
>because they do take up some room and I also agree with the other lady
>on ride camp that a bigger boot is better also. My feet swell also but
>not as much as they used to when I didn't have the arch supports. Hope
>this works. I have had other people with the same type feet try it and
>it worked for them also. So good luck. It will make a difference in
>your riding also. We are like the horses "no feet, no person" it is
>hard to ride comfortably for a long time when your feet are asleep.
>Mine also hurt so that wasn't a lot of fun either. But that has all
>changed now. Good Luck. Sandy.

Cheryl Newbanks
~~^** Just In Time Ranch
~~}_ _~~ /\| Buckeye, AZ
( )__, ) ~ horsetrails@inficad.com
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