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Re: Trailer purchase questions

Tracy Stampke (zebella@idt.net)
Thu, 24 Apr 1997 00:19:21 -0700

Tracy Stampke wrote:
> MARDIP@aol.com wrote:
> >
> > Topic is and isn't endurance related. I'd like to benefit from others
> > experiences with trailers. Replacing my 2 horse inline trailer with a 2
> > horse slant load with walk in tack compartment (Yes!).
> **************************************
> I hope that it's endurance related...otherwise, how do you get TO the
> rides? <g>
> Had to reply to this since we just purchased a brand new 2hs slant w/
> tack room last month.
> Its a '97 Jackson Apache, and quality wise, I think it's tops! We sold
> the 95 Bonanza 3 hs that we had (it was, to simplify, "a piece of junk")
> The Apache has double wall construction w/foam insulation, torsion
> axles, galvaneal steel, and radial tires, travel bars on drop-down feed
> doors, saddle racks and clothing bar, 1 overhead airvent/horse, and a
> large camper vent in tack room.
> It comes with rubber matting on the door and rear wall, and we had it
> added on the front wall. Also added a rubber bumper, stall padding,
> rear load light, recessed side light, and an upgraded tack lock and tack
> window bars. Oh, and diamond plating...my hubby *had* to have it,
> although it does look like it will wear much better than the aluminum
> gravel guards they usually come with.
> It pulls wonderfully!!!!!! Although it weighs about 500 lbs more than
> the old trailer, it hauls much better. I was a little concerned as to
> how the horses would load in it since they were used to a more open
> construction, but they jumped right in first time! We went with a
> divider that has bars instead of being solid, and it really seemed to
> "open" up the inside, plus, the horses are more comfortable being able
> to see each other. If you haul a stallion with strange horses, you may
> not want to do this, but my stallion hauling days are over! And, you
> can jump up and down in this trailer, and not hear a single sound! It
> is SO quiet! And although they don't guarantee it to be totally
> watertight, when it rained ours didn't have a single drop of water in
> it!
> I was very pleased with Jackson, if you want something that they don't
> normally offer, they will make it for you!
> Takes some getting used to driving the shorter trailer. I was so used
> to the 3 horse that I got it jackknifed real good on my first parking
> attempt! Sure is easier to drive in traffic though!
> If you like more detailed info on the Jacksons let me know. Where are
> you at? They probably have a dealer near you.
> Good luck in your search!
> Tracy

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