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Rope reins

Wed, 23 Apr 1997 11:17:53 -0800

Good morning campers,

I have a question for those of you that have made your own reins from
climbing or marine rope:

What methods have you used to attach the scissor snaps at the ends of the

I have tried various methods and non have proven satisfactory. Thanks.

Walnut Creek


The easiest way I use is to first pull about 4 inches of the core of
the rope out (do both ends at the SAME TIME), and snip off. Then
flatten the ends and melt with a match or sodering iron. Now, you
can put on your snaps, rubber martingale stops. if you want. Then I
simply attatch with narrow conway buckles (looks like a rectangle,
with a bar across the middle, with a small pin). The reins double
through this twice, and it is easy to separate the rope strands
around the point.

I prefer this method over splicing or knotting the rope, since it is
far easier to replace a broken snap, or change rubber stops.

I had bought a pair of rope reins from a local endurance supplier
and paid about $18. I was not really happy with it came with cheap
chromed scissor snaps and chromed conway buckles.

I did a little research, and for about $7, I bought 9 feet of rope,
and ordered some nice brass bolt snaps and conway buckles from our
local tack shop.

Jeffers carries the Conway buckles in several widths, but only the
nickle plated.


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