ridecamp@endurance.net: Clipping question - aire?

Clipping question - aire?

Niccolai Murphy (hlurphy@socal.wanet.com)
Wed, 23 Apr 1997 07:16:07 -0700

I have been pontificating about clipping Hal, perhaps just in front of
his neck and chest. I haven't clipped any of our horses before because
we like the protection the coat provided against flies and the cooler
weather. The horses are left out all day and night and pretty much
please themselves, and it often pleases them to pull each others fly
masks off, so a fly sheet or blanket wouldn't stand a chance. Never the
less all that sweating isn't doing Hal much good since it just soaks his
fur and stays there forming a nice insulating layer, instead of the
intended evaporating cooling effect.

What do y'all think about clipping? If you e-mail your 2 (substitute
your national currency here) worth, directly to me, not the list, I'll
collate the data and send it back to the list. Thanks.

a) What region do you ride in?
b) Do you clip?
c) If you do clip what kind of clip, when and how often?
d) If you do clip, do you use a blanket or fly sheet - what kind?
e) Is/are your horses stalled alone or pastured with others?
f) Comment about the whys, pros and cons - whether you clip or not.

Nicco Murphy, San Diego County 'Open the bay door, please, Hal'

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