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Re: Sending our horse to a trainer - our story

Cheryl Newbanks (horsetrails@inficad.com)
Tue, 22 Apr 1997 02:47:31 -0700 (MST)


I have been sending my horse Jihad out to trainers now for 6 months with no
problems. The starting trainer and finishing trainer he is at now came
highly recommended. By highly recommended I mean that I got AT LEAST 8
references to call on each. I requested references from people they are
currently working with and ones who they are finished with also. If the
trainer won't or can't give these to you then either they are hiding
something, or they don't have enough experience to have had that many
clients. Either reason you don't want to use them. Because I called every
reference, and in the finishing trainers case talked to her on the phone for
6 months frequently before I sent him out to her, I've had no problems and
no surprizes. With the starting trainer I worked with her every day. That
is another cue that there is a problem, if they won't let you come and watch
or work with them every session then don't use them.

The main thing I am trying to convey here is to totally check them out,
spend time getting to know them, go watch them work a few times before you
send the horse, go to the facility a few times un-announced and ask a lot of
questions! Good luck!

Cheryl Newbanks
~~^** Just In Time Ranch
~~}_ _~~ /\| Buckeye, AZ
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