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Looking for a good endurance saddle

Dorothy Steen (Destiny@a-o.com)
Sat, 19 Apr 1997 13:56:52 -0400

I have seen so much on Ride Camp regarding poor fitting saddles, that I
decided to put in my two cents.

My little black arab seemed to be doing just fine in my balanced ride
saddle until last year when he developed some white hairs on the left side
of his withers. PANIC!

While at Equitana last July, I visited with the folks at Tucker Saddlery in
Memphis, TN.. Not only were they very knowledgeable but nice and very
patient as I, my sister and daughter fired questions at them. I was
impressed to the point that after taking all the measurements they would
need to construct a saddle for me, I went to Memphis from western North
Carolina to visit with them again and to look over their operation. Again,
very impressive. I discovered that they make the saddles for the Canadian
Royal Mounted police. I had them make me a combination of their equitation
endurance and the endurance saddle. I had them use the covering for the
endurance saddle seat but put it on the equitation and to use the stirrup
leathers from the endurance and hang them where the equitation would be
hung. This put your legs under you for better balance and position. I
also had them streamline the saddle a little to get rid of some of the
excess leather on the sides. You can reach them at 1-800-882-5375 and ask
for Robbie or Steve and tell them you want to know about the saddle and
modifications that I had them do. The saddle runs in the neighborhood of
$800 and is made from American tanned leather of the highest quality. The
saddle weighs in at about 21 lbs.. I can assure you that I gain nothing
from this. I am just very satisfied with the quality of the leather and
their craftsmanship. They have been in the saddle making business for a
LONG time. I only used my new saddle a couple of weeks before doing the
Homestead ride in VA and got perfect scores on his back. Ask them too
about the pad that massages the horses back and lets air circulate under
the saddle.

Good luck,
Dottie Steen and Destiny
Horse Shoe, NC

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