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Re: Suspensory Injury Recovery

Tue, 15 Apr 1997 18:47:51 -0400 (EDT)

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<< I have started to work him lightly this last month, mainly by walking him
hand for about 10 minutes, then riding at a slow walk in straight lines on
moderately hard dirt roads for about 2-3 miles. There is no swelling or
heat in the injury area at any time during or after our exercise.

He's stiff when we begin, but seems to loosen up after about 10 minutes. At
ride's end, I rub the leg down, wash with warm water and apply DMSO, and
walk him in hand for about 10 minutes.

Has anyone brought a horse back from such an injury? Am I doing too much
too soon? Are there other exercises or medications that can be employed?

Sue >>


You've got an excellent start and are doing everything right. Suspensories
and tendons respont to the number of flexions rather than the intensity of
the work, so keep piling on those miles. Be careful about increasing speed or
introducing difficult terrain until all signs are long gone.

Consider using a muscle stimulator (or TENS) to quicken healing. When muscles
above (deep and superficial flexor muscles in front) are contracted lightly
twice a second for 4 hours a day, you're talking to the suspensory apparatus
27,000 times per day. You're telling repair which direction to take, you're
pumping away edema, and you're encouraging repair activities.



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