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OD No Frills

Bonnie Snodgrass (snodgrab@ncr.disa.mil)
Tue, 15 Apr 97 07:05:41 EST

Well I finally rode in my first LD ride. I completed the 25 mile
portion of the Old Dominion No Frills riding Pat Taylors fine
Arab/Saddlebred gelding Quest. It was also the first endurance type
ride for Quest who had been primarily a pleasure horse till Pat bought
him last summer. I've had the fun of riding Quest while Pat got
through hunting season. Pat took her seasoned horse Elvis for the 50
mile ride and rode with Bob Walsh (riding Aries) for an excellent
completion. Not sure wether they made top 10 but they were darn close.
The ride was staged at the south end of Ft. Valley in Va. This is the
southern portion of the OD 100. The 50 mile ride was composed of 3
loops, all returning to a single vet check on Hickory Lane. The 25
mile riders rode the same 1st loop up a mountain by gravel road to
Edinburg Gap then by rocky trail up and over another mountain and
abruptly down to the vet check. We then had a short, fast, easy loop
with little climb and back around to the finish. The 50 milers had
three tough climbs to mountain tops with three checks and holds of 30,
20, 15 min. Friday was good weather but the rain came rolling in
before I finished the first loop. It was great for the horses as it
was cool and damp but my supposedly waterproof Goretex coat soaked
completely thru.

Quest rode marvelously but couldn't settle down to drink well. He's a
very leggy 15.3 hands that really covers ground. He rated for me
nicely so I was able to ride with company most of the way. He bonded
with anyone we rode with though and then was upset at seperation at
the vet check and finish. It would have been helpful for this greenie
to have a companion that didn't walk away from him, but I'm sure with
time this improves.

There was several falls of horses and riders during the ride. WARNING!
Hard packed bluestone roads are as slippery as pavement. One rider
behind me was loosened by a sudden shy and hung on till his horse was
over a concrete bridge before hitting the bluestone hard. He hit his
head on the road but was protected by his helmet and was remarked soon
back up and jogging his horse into the vet check.

Almost everyone had to have their rig towed out of the field we were
camped in as it was uphill and quickly turned into mud. Nancy Smart
was also there and I met Bobby Leiberman who didn't ride but looked
busy. Does anyone know who I could get ride results from? After my
completion I just loaded up and headed home to Southern Md.

Bonnie Snodgrass

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