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Base milage before training

dli-adf (dli-adf@transport.com)
Mon, 14 Apr 1997 11:00:10 -0700

I keep reading how important a base is prior to entering an endurance ride,
but no one mentions how many miles is a good base. Is it a 1000 miles at
3-5 mph? Isty and I have been on the trails for about 150 hours at a pace
of 3-5 mph (walk, slow trot, minimal canter 1/4 to 1/2 mile per ride). Now
that spring is here again we are putting in about 8 hrs. per week in 3 or 4
rides. Is it important that we have a long (10-15 mile) ride once a week
or is it total miles that are more important.

This is my only horse and she has been under saddle for about 9 months, she
has just turned 5. Prior to my getting her she was a pasture queen in WA.
She is 7/8 Arab about 15h with a deep chest and short neck, I'm 5'10" and
170lbs and my saddle weights 20lbs. Is this enough info?

I would like to enter into a 25 miler this year if we could get it done at
our current mph. My intent is to get her adjusted to groups of horses and
riders. It's hard to find bad habits and fix'em if there are no triggers.
I have read about LSD, IT, aerobitc and anaerobic conditioning but I don't
know if we have enough of a base on yet for it to even matter. Great
information but for later I'm thinking. Wanting to go, go, go but will not
damage my mare due to impatience.


Alan Fulkerson

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