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<< I am not a veterinarian, but I do read a great deal. This is going to
sound really bassackwards, but recent studies done on humans show that being
parasite free isn't always the very best thing, if you are an immune system.
In humans, at least, studies have indicated that, sometimes, if the immune
system has nothing to fight it will INVENT something to fight..from which we
get such seemingly irrational auto- immune diseases, the most common one
found in this case being asthma. >>

I must be reading the same stuff as Michelle, because I've read this too.
There is an interesting corespondence between the rise of auto-immune
diseases and childhood immunizations. Also, in horses, there is some
evidence that a foal born on a farm which uses daily wormer, and kept on it
through his growing years, and then moved to a situation where neither he nor
the other horses there are on it, will be uch more severely affected by
parasites than a horse who has been given a chance to develop a natural
"immunity" or perhaps tolerance for these things.

Trish & "pretty David"

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