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loin rubs

John & Sue Greenall (greenall@vermontel.com)
Thu, 10 Apr 1997 14:05:26 -500

Thanks for all the responses regarding my loin rub problem. I am
using an orthoflex (which interestingly has rubbed the loins of 3 out
of 4 horses but only when they have a long coat). I also have 100%
wool booties which I keep very clean. I have only had this problem
with the one horse, an Anglo (TB skin I am sure). I was using a Show
Sheen type product to minimize the rubbing, which seemed to be
working, until bang, he had a major skin itching. Stumped my vet
(who is verrrrry good). The horse pulled his hair out with his
teeth, even ripped his blanket trying to itch himself. Yes, he was
medicated, had a bath (in March in Vermont, such fun) did all those
things. In going over what it could have been, I thought of the Show
Sheen under the saddle as this is the area effected. Of interest,
this continued for about 10 days, a long time for a surface reaction.
ItI could have been something totally unrelated to the saddle or Show
Sheen, just my dumb luck to pick up a bacterial or fungal infection
under the turn-out blanket. But, others have used the Show Sheen
trick and I thought maybe there is something connected here. I am
not too sure I want to use it again!
John and Sue Greenall

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