ridecamp@endurance.net: low heel, high heel

low heel, high heel

Roberta Lieberman (rlieberman@phillips.com)
Thu, 3 Apr 1997 13:52:38 -0500

Don't know if this scenario makes sense for the original problem described in
this forum, but...

There is a tendency in some short-necked, leggy horses, to "scissor" their
forelegs as they graze, thus resulting over time and without careful trimming
one dished and one club foot. (The dished foot will be the one the horse
stretches in front of him; the clubby foot is under the horse or slightly
behind.) This syndrome was described by AFA-certified farrier Mary Hudson in
article in Modern Horse Breeding a few years back. I can dig it out if anyone
wants to know more, or check the archives in "The Horse" website. Since most
weanlings are leggy relative to their neck length, this tendency can start at
early age. /Bobbie L.


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