ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: Vitamin E questions

Re: Vitamin E questions

Thu, 3 Apr 1997 12:31:22 -0500 (EST)

Fellow ridecampers,
I know there is info in the archives on Vitamin E supplemention, but I have
had trouble finding exactly what it is that I'm looking for.
This question is directed to Dr. Newell mostly, because of the fact she is a
veterinarian who rides endurance.
Thank you in advance for your time and input. :)
My situation is this:
I am a Lic. Vet. Tech at a mixed animal practice in Stanwood, WA. Since I am
into endurance riding and all that it entails, I often get to field questions
from clients to my doctors. Yesterday, one of my equine vets referred me to a
client of his that is interested in taking up our glorious sport. She wants
to supplement her horse with Vitamin E. My understanding is that a product we
have, Vital E+A & D, given will have a 30 day residual activity and boost the
immune system response.
How many of you supplement your horse's training with Vitamin E injections or
feed supplement specifically for the purposes I stated above? And if not for
those purposes, then what?
And, does this fall under the AERC rules about normal substances in abnormal
Any input would be appreciated.
Happy trails to you,
Darlene M. Anderson, LVT
and Featherby who is anxiouslly awaiting her introduction to the world of
endurance competition this coming weekend at Animal House in Ephrata, WA!


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