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RE: ridecamp-d Digest V97 #230 saddle fit advise

Noel Rini (NRini@msn.com)
Sun, 6 Apr 97 16:16:03 UT

Regarding saddle fit advise. I have been using a SS for 2 years on my Rocky
Mountain mare. I absolutely love the way it fits my mare. She is mutten
withered and nothing, and I mean nothing would fit her. This is the best
solution I have found. As far as feeling secure in the saddle, give yourself
time. Practice short rides bareback in a small area to gain better balance.
Is your sport saddle smooth leather or suade ? Suade will give you much
better grip.
A friend of mine who is somewhat of a beginner bought a western SS with a
suade seat. It allows him to sit very deep and secure. I can still see his
horse suddenly and unexpectanly jumping up an embankment and Mike said he was
glad he had his new saddle. He might have fallen off with his traditional
western. So hang in there !

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ridecamp-d Digest Volume 97 : Issue 230

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