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Susan F. Evans (suendavid@worldnet.att.net)
Fri, 04 Apr 1997 19:47:41 -0800

Hi Susan,

If BLM doesn't have the info you need, or if the bureacracy just drives
you nuts, you might try giving Dr. Robert Bray a call at Cal Poly
University, Pomona. He's the director of the Equine Outreach program
and one of the annual programs is a course and fieldtrip on the BLM
mustangs, habitat, life cycles, management, etc. He might have the info
you need (probably more than you ever wanted to know) and is very
helpful in supplying info for articles and things, (especially if you
can mention Cal Poly by name in your article). I suspect he will be
much more generous with information regarding than BLM will, as BLM is
a) a government agency and therefore bound by creed to be as obstructive
and obtuse as possible, and b) are justifiably gun-shy about almost
anything having to do with mustang mortality and/or management, having
been slam-dunked by animal rights groups in the past.

The phone number of the Horse Center at Cal Poly is 909-869-2224. The
secretary's name is Nancy Olmsted, also very helpful) and she'll pass
you on to Dr. Bray.

Good luck!

Susan Evans (also from Cal Poly University)

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