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Lawton Johnson

MS LOUISE D BURTON (XXDU78A@prodigy.com)
Thu, 3 Apr 1997 07:51:40, -0500

For most of us in the Central Region, we have never met this man. But, we
are reminded of him and his wonderful wife on every trail. You see, the
Lawtons would mail parachute cord, free, for shipping only, to anyone for
trail marking. Hence, I'd say most every trail here is marked with the
Johnson's wonderful gift. It is MUCH better than surveyor's tape, in fact
mine has lasted all 9 years of the Cougar Prowl, and more to come. Same
ribbons attached to clothespins!
This is truely a wonderful couple, and it makes me, a fellow Southerner,
proud :>
Louise Burton
a NC native, now residing in OK

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