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Young and Seasoned Horses

Tue, 1 Apr 1997 22:57:20 -0500 (EST)

Hi Linda:
I really enjoy your input on endurance net. Concerning your comments on
young horses and seasoned horses. I started breaking and training Omner at
age 4. We live in the "rare air" of a ski resort town, only uphill!!! My
husband Bill(a very heavyweight with his western saddle) trained Omner with
long, slow distance. My friends call it a "Billy base" and we started racing
him at age 6 with about 250 miles his first season. Of course we have lots of
rest with the five months of winter, except I do dressage in an indoor
areana...hundreds of miles of figure eights!!! Omners secret to his 8000
competitive miles was his consistant soundness. His major setback was in
1991 when he was so sick. He will be 17 in two weeks and we plan lots of
rides together in 1997. I was blessed with a second chance with Omner and we
savor every inch of the trail.
Happy Trails,
Beverly Gray

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