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calcium deposit

louie (louie@mr_gateway.gomontana.com)
Tue, 01 Apr 1997 11:10:30 -0700

I have a friend, fellow endurance rider who would like some input on a
particular problem her nearly 2-year-old Arabian filly has developed.
The youngster has calcium deposits near, but not in the joint of a front
fetlock. The vet says it's induced by injury, probably tearing around in the
pasture, since there's been no other history of injury. He's very concerned
that the filly will never be sound or pain free.
My friend is obviously distressed since she bred and pinned future hopes on
this youngster. Mostly though, she wants the filly to be pain free.
At first the vet was very concerned because the filly exhibited a lot of pain
upon palpation and was intermittenly lame. But with x-rays, he was surprised at
the amount of calcium and its placement. He expected it to be more invasive,
apparently. Now he's a little more optimistic.
Currently my friend is sweating the joint with DMSO and furacin, followed by
applying a bio-magnetic appliance for the night (I think that's the right term)
and starting the filly on Cosequin. The vet has suggested injecting the joint
with Adequan (is that right, the injectable chondritin?)
Anyone out there with experience in treating this problem?
Are there any surgical procedures that have helped?
She's not looking for miracles, just a filly that can live a normal, pain-free
Private responses can be sent to louie@gomontana.com, or if you think the
list would be interested, since I assume this is a potential problem for any of
our horses, I'll be checking the list for any input. Thanks in advance.
If there is any group of horsemen on the planet who can help, it seems to be
the endurance riders.

Bozeman, Montana

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