ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: feeling ill after eating a sports bar

Re: feeling ill after eating a sports bar

Anne Barnes (barnes@numbat.murdoch.edu.au)
Wed, 26 Mar 1997 09:21:04 +0800

Thanks Beth for your information on eating and exercise. I wonder how the
horses feel? It is obviously something that can be trained to some degree,
being able to eat and drink and continue exercising without feeling sick or
actually off-loading the offending product!(which of course horses can't do).
I wonder why so many horses don't like to eat or drink on the first leg of a
ride, but then are happy to "pig out" for the rest of the day? Psychological
or physiological?

There was some discussion on training horses to drink when told (as well as
pee on command). Did people find the trained horses drank better earlier on?

Another point concerns the use of concentrated products. I bought some stuff
called power gel for me - a concentrated electrolyte/glucose formulation in
a sachet. It said to be consumed with plenty of water, which I did, but I
still cramped up terribly, and it made me very wary of giving concentrated
electrolytes to horses, even if they had free access to water afterwards.
Any comments?

Western Australia

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