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Re: Wild Arab /Wkend story

tina hicks (hickst@puzzler.nichols.com)
Tue, 25 Mar 1997 10:26:13 -0600

At 07:02 AM 3/25/97 -0800, Niccolai Murphy wrote:
>> From: "Connie Hoge" <pvtevt@msn.com>
>> ......
>> emerged from the woods, several large steers on the far side of the fence
>> decided to charge! Kalika took off, went a short distance down the hill,
>> stopped, whirled toward the steers, stiffened up & went "SNORT"! Jesse was
>> still on!
>You don't need to have an ARAB for that.*snip*
Friday he turned tail and did a hundred yard dash from two girls
>leading their horses down the trail.
or how about a horse that freaks when he hears the water in your camelbak
slosh as you are getting on him? Rode with my camelbak for the first time
Sat. on Tony. Thought nothing of it as I filled it, strapped it on, and
brought him out to mount. Put foot in stirrup, bounce, bounce, swing leg
over. Suddenly I was mounting a fast moving object. Seems the water made a
little noise as I went to get on and Tony was outta there! Of course the
trotting as I was trying to mount only made the water slosh more, which made
him trot faster.

The entire time I'm trying to decide whether to abort the mount or drop the
camelbak or keep struggling. Let's see - aborting the mount could be tricky
at this point, the camelbak might burst if I dropped it, it costs $$$, and
dropping it would REALLY send him into orbit so the obvious choice was to
continue trying to mount. So, I just kept struggling and ended up on top of
him. (this all took place in the space of about 10 seconds of course)

After I got on tho we were fine - camelbaks are much better than sports
bottles for him as he doesn't like the sound the tops make when you pull it
up or the zipper to get them out or velcro or.....

Some endurance horse......

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