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Re: Endurance Riding (under saddle-not in hand)

Sullys Maze (Sully@Forsythe.Stanford.EDU)
Tue, 25 Mar 97 07:31:06 PST

REPLY TO 03/25/97 02:31 FROM ridecamp@endurance.net: Endurance Riding (under
saddle-not in hand)

Bruce from Downunder
For a long time now I have been quite concerned that the sport of
endurance RIDING is not being conducted on a level playing field. Some
riders are consistently running beside their mount while others for many
reasons never dismount during the ride. The sport is intended to be a test
of the horses fitness together with the riders ability to RIDE in a manner
to get the best from the horses ability.
Over to all you endurance riders, young, old, crippled, experienced,
beginners, male, female, sick, sorry, conditioned or just a good rider
please chew over this and have your say.

I have also to agree with Tina that I have to get off and walk or
jog some, or my knees start to ache. If the was a rule such as
NATC, regarding no forward motion unless mounted, I would be
actually handicapped, and would possible damage myself if I could
not get off and walk.

Fortunately, AERC allow a lot of freedoms regarding what we do for
the BENEFIT of the horse. One thing we can do is get off on hills,
if we so desire.

I am sorry you cannot do this due to age or whatever, but nobody is
stopping you from riding and having a good time. Unless you are
highly accomplished and competitive, how is it going to matter
anyway? You are supposed to competing against "yourself", not
everyone else. Remember, "To finish is to win."

If we are going to cater to those who cannot get off and walk or
run, why don't we eliminate all those little lightweight women that
seem to do so well? Or eliminate those horses with resting pulse
under 30? Or keep people from bringing campers or motorhomes
because they get a better nights rest than I do in my tent-that
would level the playing field!.

Heres what you do: You take what you have, do your best, and have a
good time.


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