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Re: Endurance Riding (under saddle-not in hand)

tina hicks (hickst@puzzler.nichols.com)
Tue, 25 Mar 1997 08:21:33 -0600

At 08:28 PM 3/25/97 +1000, Bruce Overton wrote:
>Bruce from Downunder
> For a long time now I have been quite concerned that the sport of
>endurance RIDING is not being conducted on a level playing field. Some
>riders are consistently running beside their mount while others for many
>reasons never dismount during the ride. The sport is intended to be a test
>of the horses fitness together with the riders ability to RIDE in a manner
>to get the best from the horses ability.
so...what are you suggesting? not allowing any foot work? or adding an
element to the vet check that checks the rider too??

no one ever said sports were meant to be conducted on a level playing field
- I don't have the same resources and abilities as say, Valerie Kanavy, but
that doesn't mean we shouldn't both compete in the same sport. I don't think
there is any way (nor do I think there should be) to "normalize" or make
level the competition.
Tina | Huntsville, AL

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