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legion of honor

MS LOUISE D BURTON (XXDU78A@prodigy.com)
Mon, 24 Mar 1997 18:05:52, -0500

If you ride just to complete, you get 2 points for every 50 miles. If you
win, it depends on how many entered. BC is 3 points on a 50. 25 milers
don't count at all. This is for endurance. CT is different. SEVENTY FIVE
points is legion of honor. ONE HUNDRED FIFTY is legion of supreme honor.
Legion of merit is the same amount of points but half have to be halter
points. You have to nominate your horse then have the ride manager sign a
form everytime. And keep nominating your horse every year. You can
backtrack years for $50 a year.
My goal this year is, after 9 years, to get FA AL BADI+'s legion of supreme
honor which will match exactly his 3000 miles. One hundred and seventy
five miles to go!!
Personally, it is a royal pain, and I do it only because he is a stallion.
None of our other horses are nominated.
Hope this helps.
Louise Burton

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