ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: conditioning for different distances

Re: conditioning for different distances

Becky Huffman (hhcc1@htcomp.net)
Mon, 24 Mar 1997 20:26:41 -0600

I give Shadow a hard time about being a 'spaz' but he is really a solid
little horse. (with an attitude and a sense of humor)

He is very solid on the miles but I would like to finish a little sooner
then 20 hours. We have been working on strengthening his back, etc.....

but I am still interested in speeding up his 100s, not really sure what
type of training/conditioning program.

Semper Fi & The ShadowRat
Huffman Horse and Cattle Company
Fine Endurance Arabians and 'Horned Cows'

> From: Tivers@aol.com
> To: ridecamp@endurance.net
> Subject: Re: conditioning for different distances
> Date: Saturday, March 22, 1997 11:33 AM
> In a message dated 97-03-21 23:35:37 EST, you write:
> << Seems like if a horse is very comfortable doing a moderate 50, he
> should be ready for a slow 100.
> Becky >>
> That's not too far off the mark, Becky. That would be my first line of
> approach--sharpen the 50 to prepare for 100.
> ti

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