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Frank Mechelhoff (fmechelh@c-s-k.de)
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>> Mike, I was going off "AERC MEDICATION POLICY SUPPLEMENT" sheet, version
>> sept 91 that states: (1) permissible substances - all foodstuffs
>> traditional knows as "nutrients" (2) nonpermissible substances -
>> nutrient substances administered in megadoses to achieve a pharmacologic
>> effect, examples: DMSO, MSM, DMG, Yucca.

Does that mean DMSO, MSM, DMG,etc. is allowed in AERC acknowledged rides
when applied due to manufacturer's instruction ? Any overdosis is

I would like to test DMG/ MSM here in German rides but I'm not sure if
it's allowed or not. We have an endurance rule that say "Except usual
feed no other substances should be feed to the horse" -
I would rate, DMSO, DMG etc. are not "usual feed" or "traditionell known
as nutrient" (as in your rule). They are feed supplements and - as I
suppose - at least not ineffective (as some others on the market). /
Otherwise I wouldn't have the idea to test it ;-)
So if they are effective, they are suscpicious to be doping substances.

If there is a rule that says "absolutely no doping" without a list of
prohibited substances, ALL of these substances are unallowed. In a very
strict interpretation, you must not feed any other stuff to your horse
except grass, hay, oats and other grain, and maybe some manufactured
"horse mix feeds".

On the other hand, electrolytes are "no common feed" as well, but nobody
is against using electrolytes - it's amazing! What's about Magnesium or
mineral feed supplements ? So I estimate there is some "grayzone" what
is allowed and what isn't. Doesn't make it easier! To make it even more
complicated, the rules of the national equestrian association (FN)
(which are also vaild on endurance rides) are not so strict - they have
a list of prohibited substances (pharmacies).

But the rule YOU have is also not very clear - what is a "megadosis" of
an allowed substance which is illegal ??

It's my oppinion that there should be a very claer list of prohibited
substances (no matter of the dosis). Any pharmacies should be forbidden
on competitions - and all feed supplementary stuff (when not containing
some of the prohibited substances) should be allowed. The benefit is if
I ask the salesguy of that stuff "Is that doping?" he knows what I'm
talking about and should be able to give a clear answer.


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