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Re: Daily wormers vs paste

Susan F. Evans (suendavid@worldnet.att.net)
Sat, 22 Mar 1997 21:13:19 -0800

> I know of no laboratory studies that have looked at strongid c effects on
> horses administered Strongid-c daily on a long-term basis. This would be
> difficult research because of the cost of maintaining horses in a
> laboratory situation for 3+ years. A laboratory situation might never tell
> the story, anyway. Problems with my horse didn't crop up until he had run
> 50 miles; the rest of the time he was apparently fine.
> Until definitive research on long-term effects has been completed, I will
> not be feeding Strongid C to any of my horses.


Although it doesn't Settle the Big Question, there was actually a fairly
long-term study at Cal Poly Pomona on the effects of feeding Strongid C
on a daily basis to the foals and broodmares around here---I haven't
read the entire study, just saw the abstract tacked on the bulletin
board, but I think the conclusion was that Strongid C babies were bigger
and heavier at one and two years than non-Strongid-C babies, with no
other adverse effects shown. However, I don't know what "adverse
effects" they were looking for, either.

Anyway, just another tidbit for the pot.

Susan Evans

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