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Red Ribbons

Elizabeth Kohler (ekohler@psych.umass.edu)
Fri, 21 Mar 1997 07:26:27 -0500

I am about to attempt my first CTR with a young horse. I have
worked with him over the last months on the behavioral issue of
kicking strange horses as they approach from the rear. He has
never actually kicked another horse, he only threatens. I know
this is a lack of confidence and experience on his (and my) part.
He's gotten much better about this on our home turf but I worry
that, in the excitement of those first rides, he will forget what
we've learned. With this in mind, I have decided to be cautious,
for our sake and the sake of all the other riders. I will tie
a red ribbon on his tail, even though red is not our best color
(and I feel a little shamed that I feel it is necessary)

Now the question. I've never done this. What type of ribbon is
best to use? Plastic? Are there any attractive ways to go about
this? Clever ways? Tips and clues for the clueless??

Libbie (who will be sooo excited as long as we cross that finish line

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