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Loma De Blanca

George McGraw (georgem@ctinc.com)
Thu, 20 Mar 1997 11:35:48 -0600

Article about recent ride in Texas.

Loma De Blanca
Bandera, TX March 1997

Endurance riding in Texas has an exciting new concept this year. Three
races have banded together to co-host the South Texas Triple Crown
endurance ride series. Each ride is a separate event with special
recognition awards to all horse and rider combination who successfully
complete all three rides.

The first jewel in the triple crown was held at the Loma De Blanca ranch
near Bandera, Texas on Saturday, March 1st. Ride managers Carolyn Hosmer
and Mary Manuel laid out challenging trails combining land on the Loma
De Blanca ranch and the adjoining Bandera State Natural Park.

In the 75 mile ride lightweight Chris Lewis riding Azab Azeze, was first
across the line in a time of 11:55. Second place finisher was Baskmen's
Pecan ridden by Mike Maul. This was Mike and Baskmen's Pecans first 75
mile ride together. Mike Jaffe on Lok-Wyn Khantalib and Linda Laack
riding Klassic Capri rounded out the finishers. Azab Azeze was awarded
Best Condition with a score of 688.

Thirty horses took to the trails for the 50 mile event in what would
turn out to be a very warm day, with temperatures reaching the high 70's
by afternoon. Bobbie Barber and Kash proved why they were the 1996
Central Region Featherweight Champions with a first place time of 6:31.
Jan Wright and Bab Terrah were not far behind with a 6:31 time, coming
in second in their bid to repeat as the Regional Middleweight Champions.
Second year riders Bridget Cavanaugh and Tracy Webb-Hoskins recorded
their first top tens of the season with fourth and fifth placing with a
time of 7:07. Bab Terrah was awarded Best Condition by Head Veterinarian
Gail Conway with a combined score of 700.5.

The 25 mile limited distance ride was well attended with 51 riders.
Kocha Khalibre, ridden by middleweight Cordiella Gardner, was first to
meet criteria in a time of 2:34. Jennifer Abshire, riding Buttercup, was
the first junior to reach criteria. Kocha Khalibre was also awarded Best
Condition for the ride.

The Montell Cliff-Hanger in Montell March 22nd and the Dry Creek Cattle
Call April 19th in Gonzales TX are the remaining jewels in the triple

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