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On March 18, 1997 you wrote:

>>The Biltmore Saddle & Bridle Club offers ride memberships & I'm curious if
anyone on the list is a member. I know from past posts that lots of
ridecampers have ridden the Biltmore Ride.

I love visiting Biltmore & can't imagine anything more relaxing than riding
on the estate. My husband is attending a convention in Asheville in late
May & of course I'm going to take Felix & spend a couple of days


When in May?? (May 17th is Biltmore's 30/50/100 -- you might enjoy
"working" that! Lighting Glow Sticks, etc.)

Anyone interested in riding the 100 should get in touch with Anne Ayala --

Working or competing on a ride is the only way you ride the trails up near
"The House". The rest of the time we content ourselves with about 70 miles
of trails in the southern portion of Biltmore Estate and the old Biltmore
Dairy property. (O.K. some of the time portions of the trail reverse
themselves, but there are several marked trail systems.)

Anne Ayala is the "resident trailmistress" at Biltmore and she is constantly
finding old carriage trails to open and include in the various trail
courses. Biltmore has the 30/50/100 in May, an ECTRA style 25 mile CTR --
September 27, 1997 (we sanctioned once, but no ECTRA members seemed
interested, so we do our own thing with a composit of ECTRA, SEDRA and AERC,
though there IS minimum time and no leg protection is permitted (unlimited
shoeing, pads, etc. ARE).
There will be an NATRC ride (beginning of August, I think) and then the
WNC100 (unsanctioned three day format judged solely on condition and method
of judging decided on by judges (the way it USED to be prior to ECTRA,
etc.) Most judges use a combination of sanctioned rules.
The WNC100 is Mrs. William Cecil's gift to long distance riding and
preserves the old style 100's.

Interest in carriage driving is growing. I will be hosting a pleasure drive
for the Carolina Carriage Club at the end of June. We have at least 25 - 30
miles of trail already functional at Biltmore Saddle and Bridle Club. and we
hope to have some improved connectors ready before the June drive.
As far as trails/membership, etc. you might ask if you could apply a portion
of your first per diem toward your membership if you joined at that time.
Of course, you need proof of Negative Coggins in 12 months.
Feel free to E-Mail me in private. (Chances are you will get more than one
response from members who subscribe to Ridecamp). I hope to be starting a
young horse at NJ 100 over Memorial Day, but would most certainly be happy
to show you around if I'm "in town". Biltmore is a 45 - 50 minute trailer
trip for me.


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