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Re: bitting problem

Wed, 19 Mar 97 12:33:06 -0700

>nervous or excited which makes his gait really choppy 'cause he ducks his
>head when he does it.
Some thoughts on the above problem and based in the Tom Dorrance school of
thought (Lyons and Ray Hunt are Dorrance desciples). I would think that a
horse placing its head in a down position is far more desirable than one
with the head up high. Don't forget that when the head goes down the back
goes up and the haunches are more able to engage in the trot. If he is
throwing his head down and then back up then I would agree the ride would
be poor. With the back end engaged properly there should be more extention
and the trot should smooth out .

You may be pulling on the bit too much for his liking. Try lifting
slightly with one reign or the other,(change sides from time to time), by
pulling up towards his ears instead of back to your hip. This will get
his attention better that just a pull. As soon as you see a change or feel
one let up on the reign. The change could be as slight as a minor turn of
the head to the side. In any case it shows you he is listening to you.
Ask for a little more the next time. Be sure your seat and legs aren't
telling him anything opposite. Sit more upright on each post.

Raymond Santana
Network Operations
UC Davis Medical Center
Sacramento, CA

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