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training spooky horses

Linda Cowles (linda_cowles@MENTORG.COM)
Mon, 17 Mar 1997 10:49:12 -0800

Kathleen wrote:
> Was it you who was speaking of a de-spooking clinic you went to last year?
> ... If so...if you know anything about wher there may be other clinics, I
> would love to know.

Check out Pat Parelli (PP) 7 games clinics! PP gets *tons* of flack on wreck.eq
because some of the people that advocate "Pat's" program have a habit of, well,
lets just say that they attract a lot of attention, some warrented, some not.
Like anything else in life, it's a program that you can get alot out of if it's
run by qualified trainers and if you are committed to working it through with
your horse. I've only worked with one PP trainer, and she is great. Others may
not be as effective. I like the lessons, but that's all the further I go with it.
The sessions I've been to are a *blast*; I enjoy every minute!

I had one spooky, hard to sit horse go through Deb Coopers PP training program
(in Aptos CA) last year, taking lessons on the horse, and have raved before about
the results. This is a different horse, and I'm a different rider. Big change!

I dropped a second horse off this weekend for a month of training, and hung around
to watch her give lessons in "spooking". Again, I don't know about other PP
instructors, but I feel that Debs type of lessons are a must-have for anyone that
rides a spooky horse that they have trouble staying on, or that is intimidated
by their horse spooking. Deb is an endurance rider, and knows how to prepare horse
and rider teams to deal with pressure.

I don't have any general PP info, but Debs place is Valencia Creek Ranch, south
of Santa Cruz, CA. I have the number if you anyone is interested. PP ads can
usually be found in horse magazines.


Linda Cowles

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