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Re: Judging a trot on the ground

Sun, 16 Mar 1997 17:19:51 -0500 (EST)

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Dear "Ti", thanks for the advice! I printed out your post, am going to ask
my farrier to trim as you suggest. I am blessed (cursed?) with a horse whose
hooves grow as fast as my farrier can trim them and sometimes wonder if this
isn't in itself the problem--! At least he always has plenty of hoof for his
frequent resets!
Trish & "pretty David"

<< My arab David ("A King David") also tends to forge at the trot. He is
backed and long legged. Short cannons, relatively long shoulder, medium
forearm, long from elbow to knee. I am hoping that dressage work will
help--he has never pulled a shoe, he HAS injured the bulb of his hoof by
stepping on it but that was when he was very green and unused to carrying a
rider. >>

The very best solution to forging is to raise the angles in front, lower
behind (speed up the front and slow down the hind. >>

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