ridecamp@endurance.net: Sue Norris(Saare saddle)

Sue Norris(Saare saddle)

outwestposse (OutWestPosse@msn.com)
Sun, 16 Mar 97 13:19:51 UT


I just now got your message.

I am selling my Sharon Saare saddle ....and now have lowered the price

because I need the $. It is an F tree size and only used for 1 season...so it
is in great shape. It has a padded seat, brass fittings and no horn. I am
including one of her happy back pads w/ gel inserts.

Let me know your e-mail address, and I will e-mail you privately..if you want
to talk further.
(OH....I must still be sleeping...the price is $500.000)

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