ridecamp@endurance.net: recent question on electrolytes...

recent question on electrolytes...

Michael K Maul (mmaul@micro.ti.com)
Sat, 15 Mar 97 15:38:37 CST

a recent poster asked

I have a question for the group. I am looking for the recipe for homemade
electrolytes. The best I can remember is it consists of 1/2 table salt,
1/2 lite salt and ? calcium carbonate. I don't know how much to administer
at a time, when best to administer, and when absolutely NOT to administer.
I'm not even sure that for 30's and 50's, I'll even need to mess with it.
Perhaps there are some really good tasting commercial products you can

there are 2 nice collections of all the articles on electrolytes from the
ridecamp archives linked from the FAQ topics on the endurance home page.


houston, tx

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