ridecamp@endurance.net: Fw: what about keeping the horse in trailer for the night?

Fw: what about keeping the horse in trailer for the night?

Ann Hatfield (keithr@nocdc.bc.ca)
Sat, 15 Mar 1997 09:26:59 -0800

> From: Keith Richards <keithr@nocdc.bc.ca>
> To: ridecamp@endurance net
> Subject: what about in trailer for the night?
> Date: Saturday, March 15, 1997 1:01 AM
> All the stories of tipping trailers and horses roaring about camp in the
> dark dragging electric fence give me the the willies. My horses stay in
> electic fence very well at home but that doesn't protect them from being
> swept along if someone else's animal comes crashing through in a panic in
> the dark.
> How does leaving the horse well bedded in an open-plan stock trailer
> Ours is a big typical cow stock trailer that fits 4 horses and has a
> central divider that can be clipped back flush to the wall. Anyone with
> experience good or bad doing this, or something similar, for the night?
> I want to give the horse some room to rustle about and lie down for
> and a decent rest before a ride.
> How about stringing small lights on a portable pen or around the
> of an electric fence. Does this at least redirect loose horses
> about in the dark, keep them from running through your pen? I realize
> sounds pretty silly but has anyone tried anything like it with success?
> Ann with Riff, the little horse-who-didn't-go-to-meat number 2 who
> continues to come along well, 'Old Boot" my original endurance horse who
> has a mind of her own, the antique Appy, and BuddyWhat's His Name-the
> Quarter horse mistake-rising 4, athletic with an attitude!

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