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Thu, 13 Mar 1997 20:01:50 -0500 (EST)

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<< Subj: Re: People who don't pay their bills...
Date: 97-03-13 10:34:50 EST
From: SandyDSA@aol.com
Resent-from: ridecamp@endurance.net
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<< For those who are interested, the above person ordered a product from my
company through ridecamp, received the product on credit and says he has
several checks in payment (none of which have been received).

And we wonder why the world no longer trusts..........

Teddy Lancaster
Running Bear Farm, Inc.
Tedy, I recommend that you be very careful what you put on this list or any
other. I understand personally that payment was sent, and apparently there
was a mix-up in the product or something. What I am saying is that first of
all, you have put something really inflammatory on this list, and secondly,
you have also not even included all the facts. Since you have not done so,
and it is expected that you would not do so, I will, since Tommy is a friend
of mine with excellent recommendations. ADDENDUM: There was some confusion
the product ordered and the product received, I THINK. So, let's bear in
that you have one comment from one person with nothing concrete to base it
on. If there is an ongoing problem with a DEALER on this list, it behooves
to warn the others. It is not however the business of any list to cast
aspersions on any individual over for a discrepency in this way.

There is the other side, too, and after having all of the appropriate
paperwork in hand, I have engaged the help of an attorney to recoup payment
made to a vendor such as yourself, selling products on the net who ahs had
our money for 3 months and seems to have disappeared off the net. But...we
know where she lives, and she is well documents. So you be sure that you
have all your ducks in a row and THEN make sure that there is ANY pressing
reason to place something like that on the Net before you do. Being aware
slightly of additional information about this, I have to speak up for Tommy.
That wasn't very nice.


I don't know Tommy...all I know is that he ordered a $15.00 T-shirt via
e-mail which I send priority mail and bill him $18.00. He said he received
the shirt and has repeatedly said he sent checks..NONE of which have been
received. He has my correct address, been given it several times. I have
inquired about payment several times..he keeps saying he send a check and I
keep telling him I never received one. After 3 months this gets very old. I
hear plenty of these stories all the time and eventually (after much
harassment) most pay me. I like to trust and usually do, but I guess I will
no longer be able to. It is simp,y a reflection on the current state of our
society to deny and try to get something for nothing. I would gladly accept
merchandise back if the customer no longer wants it. All I want is fair
payment for a product. I have a VERY fair return policy. As for
dealers....yes, warm peple about bad dealers..but how about bad customers?
The game is played BOTH ways.

These are th FACTS..no inuendos or rumors...Just the facts...


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