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Jude Hall (Hall@cc.denison.edu)
Thu, 13 Mar 1997 15:50:31 -0500 (EST)

Wait a minute here.....
I guess I'm a "gaited horse poster" - but I've never criticized Arabs...

And, I never will...and I agree that arabs are athletic, have the right
muscle type, etc...won't agree that a properly conformed arab (or any
other breed) has a smoother ride than a four-beat, though ;*) (Just
my opinion...)

I recently logged on to a listserve called Runningwalk, consisting of
gaited horse folks. When I introduced myself and indicated that I
ride distance rides with my TWH, I received a half dozen replies from
people around the country saying they had wanted to do the same, but
that "gaited horses were not welcome"....

There is, I think, a lot of prejudice pro-arab (once again, not
insulting or flaming here), that the breed is the only one that
can last/compete, etc. But then, how many people out there are
really racing for the top spots?

Happily, I was able to write back to those who expressed an interest
in trying CTR/endurance to encourage them to go ahead and give it
a try. I've not personally encountered anyone who acted as if
I was not welcome. Instead, it is the flip-side, I've found people
pleased that a "non-traditional" breed was trying. And, having
lots of fun.
>So far, all you gaited horse posters (again, Truman excluded!), seem
>to be unable to promote your breeds without criticizing Arabs!
>The ARab I own has a much calmer disposition than the foxtrotter I

No argument here either ;*) - I'll never protray either of my horses
as being calm dispositions. I like hot horses - I wouldn't ride
any other kind. Mine just happen to be gaited.

Jude Hall

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