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tina hicks (hickst@puzzler.nichols.com)
Thu, 13 Mar 1997 12:47:20 -0600

>PS Any suggestions from ride managers out there as to how to get people to
>contact you about their plans.

I'm not a ride manager but......maybe it's just that this sport isn't yet
used to registering/entering before showing up?? I was absolutely
dumbfounded when I started going to rides and realized you didn't have to
send money - not only that but in many, many case you don't have to enter at
all prior to just showing up.....In my other life, if you weren't entered
and paid in full by the closing date (sometimes 6 - 8 weeks out) you didn't
go.....you just -didn't- show up if you hadn't entered. Only reason to get a
refund for not showing up is a vet certificate.

Perhaps as more and more rides do things like charge a late fee for not at
least registering by a certain date the idea of letting ride mgmt know
you're coming will become much more common. Deposits are a good idea I think
- if I send in a deposit I'm much more likely not to say "oh I'll just wait
and go to this other ride" 3 days before I leave....

I can imagine that is a real nightmare for mgmt - never knowing exactly how
many are coming
Tina | Huntsville, AL

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