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Re: Fashion and the market

Tue, 11 Mar 1997 11:43:33 -0500 (EST)

>>Annette's remark on gaited breeds<<
>>GAited horses vs arabs<<

Regarding Annette's remark on gaited horses, i.e., how they seem so much
saner to her than Arabs. I ride and love arabs--I have not yet enduranced
but am going to in the very near future, currently training a 6 yr old Arab
with this goal in mind. I have trail riding friends who are not arab
enthusiasts who ask me the same question Annette has posed to us all--why do
you ride those A-rabs! Why don't you buy a sane horse? I can only speak for
myself--I love an Arabs fire, his drive, his proud attitude, his
intelligence, I love the history of the breed (I tell my friends, it is the
only truly purebred horse!), I love their beauty--can any breed compare, and
if so, why is the arab pictured in artists renderings so incredibly
often?--and yes, I love the CHALLENGE riding this breed does pose! The
prominant Arab breeder in my area once said to a friend of mine who was
teasing me about the antics of arabs she has seen, and stating that she
prefered a saner mount, shut her up by saying that people who don't like
arabs can't stay on one!
All this said, I have to add, i love ALL horses, and have seen
incredible animals in every breed. For Annette's info and peace of mind--my
hubby wants a TENNESEE WALKER! He doesn't like the "bounce" and wants a
laid-back temperment. Well, his true love is golf anyway, what can I say?

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