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Lake Mundi Endurance Ride, Australia

Luke A Steele (horseman@isp.com.au)
Tue, 11 Mar 1997 22:34:20 +1100

Here is my report for the Lake Mundi Endurance Ride in the far west of
Victoria, Australia, held on Sunday 9th March 1997.
The end of a long, hot summer is at last in sight, with a very pleasant,
cool, overcast Labor Day long weekend. Despite a blown water pump, replaced
at nearby Casterton, we made it before dark on Saturday and vetted Wendy's
horse in. The ride organisers Trish and David Reeves put on a barbecue for
those attending. There were 26 entries in the 120 km (75 mi) main ride.
Riders came from Victoria and South Australia. This ride was a graduated
ride, offering riders the option to retire with distance credit at 80 km.
The ride started at 6 am Sunday in cool conditions, with the sunrise not far
away. The course took in the surrounding mallee country and took riders over
gravel roads and sandy tracks. The sand was at times deep, and added a
challenge to an otherwise fairly flat course. The ride was run in three
legs, all returning to base camp which was at Trish and David's farm. After
completing 80 km, ten riders chose to retire. The remaining 13 riders
continuing on all completed.
The fastest time was set by husband and wife team Brian and Melva Keep who
completed in 6 hr 16 min. Next were another husband and wife team Louise and
Garry Lewis in 8 hr 21 min. The last riders completed the course in 9 hr 55 min.
All agreed the course was quite challenging and enjoyed the ride. There were
only two vet-outs one lame after leg 1 and one on recovery after leg 2.
Breakfast was served on Monday morning before presentations, then we made
our way home.

Results for the Lake Mundi Endurance Ride, 120 km graduated, 9 Mar 97.
1 Brian Keep Doran Park Nimbus 6:16 (B.C. H/Mwt)
2 Garry Lewis Karoo 8:21

1 Melva Keep Doran Park Tequilla 6:16
2 Louise Lewis Kasara Zeus 8:21
3 Margaret Leebody Taywoona Nefer 8:48
4 Toni Anne Lewis Doran Park Ennerdale El Damien 9:06
5 Henry Perry Seekee 9:40
6 Wendy Bootle Fairview Egyptian Mirage 9:55

1 Bobbie Jo Davis Painter 8:21
2 Lara Peuker Varian 9:40

1 Shaelene Davis Rothlynne Warlock 8:21 (B.C. Lwt/Jun)
2 Janet Hunter Windsong Nazar 9:40
3 Joyce Pilkington Karumba Cassidy 9:55

80 km Retirees
Bob Punicki Brieema Hanz
Ron Steen Brieema Rajthi
Heath Leggett Lionel
Roy Noble Booralie El Zalazar
Vanessa Perry Blue
Victoria Horton Kasaman Magic Ribbon
Josie Jackson Margwin Mascott
Helen Spenser Gypsie
June Kenton Kentonville Thor
Jan Cowell Boonoonah Zenda

End Report

Luke and Nikita and Sarah and Shadrach
Riddells Creek, Victoria, Australia

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