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RE:2 cheap horses

Helga Loncosky (hblmh@ptd.net)
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 20:06:37 -0500

I'm glad to know I'm not the only sucker out there. And I'm really glad
that there are people like Ann to even the odds for animals who get a raw
deal out of life at the hands of humans.

3 years ago, I ended up with a 3 yr old Arab gelding who was wild as a
March hare, had no training, and was seriously underfed. Bought him anyway,
because of his attitude. 3 years later, you wouldn't recognise this horse.
He is beautiful, registered, and is a great endurance prospect. He is
trained, hauls like a gem, clips, etc. Bomb proof on the trail so far. Am
selling him to an endurance lady who can take him places beyond my

The other case was another royally bred Arab stud, a SURF grandson. He was
half starved, every bone stuck out. But you could still see his wonderful
head. He was 15 hands, and copper red. When the breeder showed him to me,
he wouldn't take Cal out of the stall. So I led him out. Well, when that
guy came within 5 feet of Cal, Cal went nuts. He started to strike at the
guy (not me) and his eyes went wild. About that time, I saw Cal's back legs
and butt. All kinds of whip scars were on them. I suddenly understood why
Cal hated this man, and why this man didn't want to handle him. I bought
Cal for $600.00. Took me 3 months to get him vetted and fed back to rights,
and another 3 to gain all of his trust.Today, Cal stays with my Dad who
absolutely adores him, and Cal loves him just as much. This boy is so nice
and sweet, he loves kids and is completely safe with them. My parents are
breeding Morabs with him. So at least there are another couple happy
endings. I do anything for those! :>)

Helga B. Loncosky

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